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Fox I'm in the same boat as you. I ordered the same bag and my card was charged but cannot get anyone to respond to my email requests for info. I'm so mad at myself for not researching this better before buying. If you read the terms and conditions, it does state they charge your card before shipment and they're not liable if the vendor fails to deliver. Read the fine print and protect yourselves from these types of scams! Fox Try emailing [protected] ppwebpros. I found it at the very bottom of the terms and conditions page. Good luck!

Jenny Thank you for the information. It seems completely wrong that Today does not take any responsibility for these vendors they have on their show. I am going to continue to pursue a resolution. Fox I received a response from the company today after my second inquiry. Hope you did also. I will be completely satisfied when I receive the order.

Merry Christmas! Fox Please do so!!

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I will too! They forget to mention, they steal your money!!! Regarding items you order. Lucky you if you get the quality that is indicated in the description. It is fake leather inside and out and it is not constructed anything like a real Laggo bag. It also has a very unpleasant odor. So disappointed. Probably made in China and not L.

Threads from the stitching stick out and are easily pulled out. It arrived flat inside a piece of plastic in a mailing envelope, and it arrived at the same time as some Amazon envelopes so I tossed them all aside to open another time. There was no fabric purse cover, no stuffing inside to retain the shape, no tags, no printed material - nothing. There has to be some way to alert other people about this, because no one is going to find this complaint board before they place an order on the Today show website. The Today show HAS to know about this by now, and they could do justice by addressing this head-on in a segment on the show to ensure these companies make things right with all of the customers who bought their products.

I just want to let you know I was totally ripped off through the "Steals and Deals" segment. I should have known better when one of your so called "vetted" suppliers only had a gmail account. Well, I payed the price. These jokers didn't just over promise and under perform. They didn't deliver at all!

And good luck reaching them. What a joke. Would be if I were not out the money and the kids their gifts. Thanks a bunch Jill. December 20, Still waiting on three Laggo bags that were confirmed orders through Jills Steals and Deals on November 26! Emails to Laggo last week assured me that the items would be delivered before Christmas. Of course, these are Christmas presents for three different people their only presents of course!

I am awaiting a response from the company this morning. I am really outraged right now. I used the email that someone posted from the terms and conditions page. I contacted the company and was told all sales final. I emailed back and just said just to replace the broken one, they answered back all sales are final and would not replace my charger.

I ordered the Hi-pad mini English Computer for my 3 year old grandson. Piece of crap. Can not find out the company info since it doesn't show any origin. Never usually even watch the Today show. Another reason not to watch after seeing all of these complaints. Cyrillic Russia Ukraine Belarus.

American Girl dolls could be valuable on eBay - today. Single american girls dating. Community Service. Walt Disney Animation Studios. Italian American Girl. Offer good while Discover new summer clothes and dresses for girls and dolls. When they find his video, they decide to watch it to see how it's going. They find out that it's about a boy, Clark, who has been ignored by his family, Jim, Lil, Chad and Andy. He sees a mad scientist, Dr.

Wilsonstein, to get a potion that will turn them into freaks. He then decides to kill them. This makes Jill worry because she thinks Mark really does feel ignored, and wants to kill them. When they start the next scene, he is about to chop his father's head off, and Mark holds up a real knife. Jill has had enough, and decides that they need to talk.

Randy feels slighted when his driving privileges differ from those Brad had when he first got his license. Afterward "Judy" confesses that she's the real Judy's sister Trudy, and is impersonating her sister in order to meet Al. The Taylor family has to say some tough goodbyes to Randy after he is unexpectedly accepted into a yearlong environmental-study program in Costa Rica.

Meanwhile, Tool Time holds auditions for a group to write lyrics to the Tool Time theme music. Jill's sister and Tim's brother get a little too friendly, which interrupts Tim and Jill's plans to spend some intimate time together. While Brad has worries about his SATs, Wilson's visiting friend, an English soccer-team owner, tells Tim that Brad is good enough to play professionally; Brad seriously considers it. The Tool Time gang take their show on the road in Tim's new community fix-up van. Tim and Jill are introduced to Al's new, very rich girlfriend, and Tim doesn't understand what is so wrong with Al accepting very extravagant gifts from her, such as a car.

Tim invites his brother Marty and his 6-year-old twin daughters to stay at the Taylors' when he discovers that Marty is staying at the hardware store after separating from his wife. When Randy returns home unexpectedly for Christmas and discovers all the changes that have happened in his absence, he feels unwelcome. Tim discovers that his biggest rival in the annual neighborhood-lighting contest is Al--who gets stuck on the roof with Trudy after winning.

Tim and Jill offer Marty parenting tips when Claire, one of the twins, keeps throwing tantrums to get her own way. Spending a weekend alone to write a book for Binford, Tim is distracted by dreams of fame and fortune. Tim commissions Mark to film a video to celebrate the hot rod's completion. Ski-trip plans are put on hold when Jill needs an emergency hysterectomy , as for several years she had not managed to fit checkups into her busy schedule.

Tim helps her face the situation, but becomes frightened when complications arise during surgery. Tim waits for news on Jill's surgery. Jill will be fine, although she had to have her ovaries completely removed, not partially as was first thought. Jill's mother visits to help look after and nurture her, but she starts to blame Tim for everything because of her mood swings.

Mark tries to woo a girl. Jill's thesis is before the committee. During Mark's student-film viewing, Jill's psychology professor sees her criticize him and she is worried that this will affect the thesis committee's decision. Tool Time continues to be a "jewel" despite the continued excess presence of the Binford name, and new producer Morgan Wandell tries to give Tim a hard time.

Things rapidly turn sad when Al decides to take his mother Alma out to dinner to tell her he's marrying Trudy--and upon hearing the news, Alma has a heart attack and dies. During the ride to school, Tim and the boys reminisce about some of the good times they've had, with clips from previous shows.

A look back at the past 8 years of Home Improvement , with cast interviews, outtakes, scenes for the final taping—and Earl Hindman's entire face. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Home Improvement. Tim Taylor Jill Taylor. Namespaces Article Talk.

Jill’s Steals and Deals for gifts: Wireless phone charger, shaving set, more

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jill has a job interview and tells Tim not to touch and wreck the dishwasher in the meantime. Nevertheless he does, gets an electrical shock, and destroys the dishwasher, and as expected, Jill doesn't get the job.

Taking Wilson's advice, Tim apologizes in a subtle manner on his next Tool Time episode, and Jill forgives him. Tim and Jill want to go out and have a romantic evening, but Jill can't find a babysitter, so she hires a magician Eric Christmas , who messes up during a trick and locks himself in a trunk, leaving the kids on their own around the house.

During their romantic dinner, Tim is distracted by a Detroit Lions game, much to Jill's irritation, and he is forced to choose between his wife and the game. Tim tries to put up a satellite dish that has over channels so he can watch sports games around the country, and is jealous when Jill's teacher Sam McMurray comes to the house and promptly starts making romantic advances on Jill. Susan Estelle Jansen. Notes : The opening theme from Home Improvement is used as the special closing theme of this episode. The initial title for this episode was "Wild Thing", after the Chip Taylor song of the same name ; the episode title appeared in TV Guide , early ABC airings and the original shooting script as such.

Upon airing in syndication from —present, the alternate title of "Wild Kingdom" is used. Jill makes a bet with Tim that he cannot teach the kids some manners after they are kicked out of a pizza parlor. If Tim cannot teach the boys manners, he will be attending the opera for an entire year with Jill, much to Tim's horror. With the bet on, he tries his best to make the boys behave. Jill drives with the oil light on for three days and Tim mentions this on Tool Time. Jill gets angry at Tim for mocking her on his own show.

Randy believes his hands are just like a girl's hands, which Mark and Brad take to their advantage. Tim tries to renovate his and Jill's bathroom, and involves Tool Time crew members as well as Al to make it free except for the construction material. The project turns out to take longer than expected, taking 18 days, much to Jill's dismay. Brad attempts to ask out Jennifer, his longtime crush, on a date. Tim and Jill get in an argument after Tim tries to teach her plumbing. To prove he can be a reasonable teacher, Tim invites women on Tool Time to teach them plumbing. Meanwhile, Brad thinks he'll do terribly on a test when Randy calls him an idiot.

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Tim begins working on his vintage s hot rod. Note : The opening theme from Home Improvement is used as the special closing theme of this episode. Tim is competing in the neighborhood's annual Christmas Lighting Contest, and is trying to outdo his rival, Doc Johnson. Brad and Randy participate in a Christmas play as meager parts. It's family night, and Tim decides to take the family bowling.

Brad and Randy encounter an arcade bully. Unfortunately, Stu starts to annoy Tim and Jill because he acts like he and Tim are still in college, and Tim has to set him straight. When Tim finally thinks he has the perfect birthday gift for Jill, it backfires, and he must find a new one. In order to fund Jill's present after blowing their money on a baseball card, Brad and Randy lie to Mark about a "Little Brother's Tax" and they take all his money.

Tim and Jill's romantic getaway is ruined when John Binford demands Tim take his family camping using the new Binford camping gear, and share clips of their time on Tool Time. The trip doesn't go quite as Tim planned it would.

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Brad competes with another boy for Jennifer's Valentine's Day heart. Tim throws out a chain letter from Al, and receives bad luck continuously. Randy breaks his bike after participating in a dare. Tim dyes his hands green and Jill beats him up, giving him a black eye and a disfigured face. George Foreman guest stars as himself on Tool Time. Jill begins pottery class, and begins to practice in the garage where Tim is working on his hot rod. This causes friction between the couple, but it all gets worked out, in part because of Wilson's advice. Meanwhile, after embarrassing Al following a mistake during an episode, Tim lets Al be the host of Tool Time for a day.

It doesn't end well, and the two switch back to their normal roles. Al wants to ask Greta Post out, but screws up, so Jill suggests he invite her to a barbecue that Tim could put up, and Tim gives Al advice that leads him to lose Greta, causing a friction between the two. Tim tries to get a foothold on Jill's college diary.

Jill discovers something about the effects of Jennifer and the boy's manners. He phones home and she flirts with him, and he doesn't notice and comes home two hours late. Jill is upset and accuses him of not picking up all the signals she sends. Tim thinks that signals should be clear and dresses up as Fred the phone repairman so he can fix the problem. Meanwhile, Brad is wondering whether Jennifer punching him is a sign that she wants to kiss him. Tim is going to let a grounded Brad because he pulled a prank at school go to a planned truck rally, until Brad is caught by the police throwing bricks at a greenhouse.

He now has to teach Brad manners and also has to keep this away from Jill so they both won't end up in trouble. First appearance of : Debbe Dunning , although not as Heidi Keppert. Instead, she plays Kiki Von Fursterwallenscheinlaw in this episode. Tim pulls a groin muscle when trying to impress Jill with his masculinity by carrying a big trunk of books.

Randy plays Peter Pan in the school play, but the school doesn't have the necessary machine for him to fly, but Tim has an elaborate idea. When Tim throws a party to celebrate putting in the hot rod's engine, Jill decides to hook her friend Karen up with one of the guys coming to the party and ends up ruining Tim's day with a barbecue. Meanwhile, the boys have problems with the McGurn brothers.

Maxine Lapiduss. First appearance of : Maureen Binford Vicki Lewis.

Julie's Deals: The Today Show: Jill’s Steals & Deals: Jeans, Jewelery + More!

Note : This is the first episode in which the Home Improvement logo is shown for an opening scene. Dave has Tim tell Karen that they had lunch that day, even though they didn't. When Tim tells Jill about the secret, he learns Jill has been holding a secret for Karen at the same time. The boys built a catapult in order to launch garbage into the McGurns' yard to avenge all of their cruel pranks. When Jill gets to research the cover story for the magazine, Tim takes over the house; however Jill is unhappy with the way Tim operates the house when he "improves" the washing machine and dryer, forgets to make the boys' lunches and fails to make Mark's gingerbread house for the bake sale.

Guest stars: The Manhattan Transfer. Tim complains to Jill that she has too many things in their closet, so she starts cleaning it out - but when all she throws away is a pair of pants and a single shoe, Tim decides to remodel the closet to have enough space. Meanwhile, Brad tries to con his parents into signing a "field trip release form" without them knowing that it's actually a note from school explaining that Brad punched a kid at school because Tim hugged him in front of all his friends. Note : First episode not directed by John Pasquin and first joke of Al's mom. Jill takes a compatibility test from the magazine, and the results show that her and Tim are not compatible.

In revenge, Tim creates a test that intentionally shows that Jill is not the woman for him. Meanwhile, Randy volunteers to perform a ventriloquism act for the school talent show, but he discovers that it's harder than it looks. Guest star: Ann Miller. One of Jill's cousins is getting married, but Tim gets lost on the way and refuses to get directions, which leads them to end up in Ohio.

Meanwhile, Karen babysits the boys, and they cheat her in go fish. Final appearance of : Jennifer Sudarsky. Hoping to boost Mark's confidence when the boys continue to disallow him to play with them and their friends, Tim and Jill put him into a karate class, after an influence from a wood-breaking demonstration on Tool Time. However, a boy starts bullying Mark at the karate lessons, leading to a fight between Jill and the boy's mother.

Jill's computer crashes, so she has to go into work and recreate her research paper, forcing Tim to take Mark to Swan Lake instead of her. Tim reluctantly agrees, but when Wilson gives him front-row courtside seats to the Pistons game, he decides to leave the ballet after thirty minutes and go to the game instead. Brad and Randy are left home alone, time they spend smoking one of Tim's cigars from his stash.

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  • Jill's mother, Lillian Polly Holliday , comes to visit for Mark's birthday. She comes bearing gifts: a drum set for Mark, and a family heirloom for Jill. But instead of the antique clock that she loves and really wanted, Lillian gives her a tea set, which Jill does not know why she received it. When Tim's high school girlfriend Stacey Lewis returns to town, Jill invites her over to have dinner at the Taylor's household, which leads to Stacey revealing an unpleasant secret about Tim's past with her, embarrassing Tim and putting him into a uncomfortable situation with Jill.

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    For Mother's Day, Tim decides that each of the boys will build something for Jill. Brad and Mark succeed in making jewelry and recipe boxes; however, the more unskilled laborer Randy does not want to build anything, since he is not interested in tools, so Tim consults Wilson and his mother about what to do about Randy. Jill asks Tim to fix the ice dispenser on the refrigerator, replace the knob on the back door and repair the burner on the stove, but all he is interested in is getting his hot rod's engine to turn over.

    Jill calls a repairman, but Tim distracts him with the hot rod, leaving Jill angry. This is also Lisa's Pamela Anderson final recurring appearance, although she returns for a guest appearance in the sixth season. First appearance of : Heidi Keppert, as well as Debbe Dunning 's second appearance in the series. Tim stops telling jokes and screwing up on Tool Time after he installs an intercom and hears Randy making fun of the show.

    Brad wants to read David Copperfield so he can talk to Jennifer, but he finds out it's not about the magician and Jennifer breaks up with him, which hurts Jill more than Brad. Tim is afraid to cry after Mr. Binford, his boss and close friend, dies from a heart attack. Brad, seeing this, believes men are not allowed to cry at all and starts to show off his masculinity. It's Halloween, and as usual Tim is up to his old tricks, however Jill plans a prank of her own on Tim.

    Tim gets cookies from a fan named Rose, but soon strange things start happening. She keeps calling him, and Wilson thinks she is obsessed with him.

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    Tim tries to hide but it's no use. Tim accidentally blows up Jill's driver's license picture for her library fund-raising dinner. Meanwhile, Al takes the boys miniature golfing and throws a fit in anger after Brad gets a hole-in-one. Wes Davidson, the new president of Binford, makes Tim promote a bad and lightweight saw tool on Tool Time , which Tim dislikes, but he has to choose between his job and his manners, since Davidson was paid big to advertise the tool.

    Meanwhile, the boys go grocery shopping and find a way to save money to buy sweets. The boys buy a remote controlled car with stock bonds from their grandmother, and Jill fears the worst after an old "Bloody Nutty Buddy Bar" incident that occurred in the house years prior, so she tries to take away the car. Note : This was Jimmy Labriola's very first appearance on the show, but not as his recurring character of Benny Baroni.

    He plays the man who delivers a reindeer at Tim's house. His appearance was uncredited. At their high school reunion, Jill tries to avoid Joanie Graham Lee Garlington , her high school friend who stole her boyfriend, and learns a shocking truth about her and Jack who had dumped Jill for Joanie , and Tim and Jack try to fix the amplifier. Meanwhile, Al watches the boys and Brad's girlfriend Ashley Leigh Ann Orsi , and finds himself in trouble until he gets some much needed help from Wilson.

    Tim tries to beat Doc Johnson in the neighborhood Christmas Lighting Contest, but Randy is leaking information to Doc's granddaughter on whom he has a crush. Brad wants to go skiing with Tom Wheeler's family on Christmas instead of spending it with his family. Randy loses a sled race to evil Vinnie McGurn. But after following Tim's advice of racing Vinnie again with a better sled, Vinnie pushes Randy off his sled and sprains his wrist. Meanwhile, Brad contemplates stopping his saxophone lessons since he isn't interested in playing it anymore.

    Al doesn't want to come to dinner with the Taylors after Ilene has a dream about Tim riding on a golden stallion in tight bicycle shorts, and after Tim reveals the dream to everyone at the dinner, Ilene dumps Al for betraying her, causing friction between Al and Tim. When Jill is having Ilene and Marie over, Tim goes ice fishing with Al to get out of the house, and problems ensue when they can't catch fish, so they try various ways to catch it. Gilligan's Island is mentioned.

    First appearance of : Col. Tim has Mark move into Randy's room when Randy bothers Brad on the phone constantly, which Randy dislikes and tries to scare Mark away. When Irma can't host her show Cooking with Irma for a week, she asks Al to fill in as host and Tim to be his assistant. Tim has a hard time not being the center of attention, but when Jill shows him that he can assist her, he decides to continue to help Al.

    Randy finds it hard to talk to a girl in his class named Beth Anndi McAfee. After Tim charms all the women at a baby shower, Jill wants a romantic evening with him, but Tim takes the boys to a Demolition Derby, from which he comes back and ruins Jill's mood. First appearance of : Benny Jimmy Labriola. Guest star : Drake Bell as Pete, Jr. Note : This is the only episode of the series co-written by Tim Allen. Randy, pretending to be thirty-two years old, meets a woman on a singles message board on the computer, and she comes by for a visit.

    Meanwhile, Tim tries to help Mark with his science project: a solar system. After Bob Vila raises more money than Tim for Jill's library fundraiser, Tim challenges him to a race Jill is laid off from her job, and has plans of going back to college to get her Master's Degree in psychology. Tim is doubtful of Jill's idea, and she doesn't appreciate what he's saying to her. In the end, Tim has a conversation with Wilson, and things change right around. Ratings: Mark has recently been having trouble at school, and after a meeting with his teacher, Jill believes it's because they're neglecting him, but it's really because Mark is having eye problems and will need glasses.