Step 4 Enter your full name, email address, access code, phone number, service activation date and preferred installation time in the provided fields under the Move Information heading. Tips Log in to your online Suddenlink account to obtain your access code, located next to your service address, just above your account number. If your submitted information contains an error or the transfer date you select is problematic, you are directed to the Transfer Error page.

A Suddenlink representative will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your transfer manually over the phone.

If you land on the Address Not Found page after submitting your transfer request, Suddenlink does not provide service at your new location. The Address Not Found page directs you to take advantage of the Cable Mover website to search for a provider in your area link in Resources. If you have any questions about the transfer process or want to initiate the process manually over the phone, call Suddenlink at to speak to a customer service representative.

You can also contact a customer service representative online via the company's Live Chat page link in Resources. Which would only offer me 10mbps down but that would feel like fiber compared to what I have now. I'm beyond exhausted with this crap. That sucks. A group of folks got together and created a WISP Wireless Internet service provider and are currently putting up towers all over town area and offering customers affordable rates for 10 Mbps connections. Maybe you can lobby some techies etc and get a WISP established for the areas of of reach and in the country.

WISPS don't have the latency problems that plaque satellite connections. With that being said, I don't know how good the latency can be either. Since the connection is wireless based, I'm sure it can never be as good as a wired connection.

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My hard core gaming friends refuse to use anything but Ethernet cable for gaming. But hey, I've seen wired connections with shit latency,too. Anyway, point being it might be worth looking a bit more into it, anyway. Cake Day.

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Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. How much do you pay for Suddenlink services? Determining how much broadband internet speed you is dependent on how you use the internet, the number of people in your home, and the amount of devices being used. If you're a single home user that uses the internet to browse the web and check your email, then you can get away with Mbps.

If you have several people in your home trying to stream movies or play video games, then you'll need somewhere between 40 and Mbps. Netflix recommends 3Mb for one standard quality stream, 5Mb for a high-definition stream and 25Mb for an Ultra HD quality stream. This is the recommended speed for the service on its own, not for your total internet speed.

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If you have several devices streaming at once, then you'll have to increase the bandwidth. Fiber internet connection is transmitted using fiber optic cable that's sent through a thin glass wire that's inside a larger protective cable. The fibers transmit data via light signals, which results in an ultra-fast connection.

Because the fiber connection is delivered on a dedicated line, it provides more consistent speed than cable internet. It's the best option for serious internet users that enjoy streaming from services like Netflix and Hulu. It's also an excellent option for home businesses. Because you're getting a dedicated line and faster speeds, fiber is normally more expensive than cable internet. It's also not as widely available as cable, especially for rural areas. Best web hosting services Create an online presence.

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DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, is delivered to your home through the same wires used by landline telephones. You can still get impressive download speeds, up to Mbps in some areas, and using a wireless router can connect multiple devices to the internet without each one having to be physically attached.

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DSL is also cheaper than cable and fiber internet and is often bundles with home phone service. Cable internet connects you online using the same cable used to bring television service to your TV. Because of this, cable television companies, like Xfinity, are the only ISPs that are capable of providing this type of internet service. Other companies partner with cable television companies while also providing your telephone service in what is often referred to as a bundled package.

You may pay for cable internet as part of your overall communication bill, but the connection itself is still provided by the cable company. Cable networking is easily accessible and available in most locations. While cable isn't as fast as fiber, it still delivers reliable internet with speeds that satisfy most home internet needs. Cable is also more affordable than fiber, especially when you choose a bundle plan.

This type of internet uses three satellites dishes in much the same way satellite television is sent and received. The internet service provider sends its signal to a satellite orbiting the earth. The signal bounces off the satellite and back to earth to the receiving dish attached to your house. The signal travels via a short cable to your modem so you have an internet connection.

The process is very fast and pretty reliable. Costs are comparable to other internet services, but equipment fees are typically more expensive. Best Overall Xfinity Xfinity is the best internet provider overall because of its broad coverage and variety of plans to choose from.

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